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Monthly Meetups Archive
While we’re currently on hiatus, you can still rewatch and relive our past meetups! They are all catalogued here for your convenience!
Team Meetup
Team Meetup

At our meetups, storytelling helps our community feel truly uplifted, supported, and validated.

If you identify as intersectional, mixed identity, an ally, advocate, or a multidimensional human being, the space is for YOU.


We encourage all our attendees to bring stories, experiences, and expertise to each monthly topic.
Keeping our community guidelines in mind and practice, the meetup space is for YOU.

Meetup Resources

Follow along with our meetup by downloading this booklet!
This is where you’ll find our Community Guidelines, and Maria P. P. Root’s Bill of Rights for People of Mixed Heritage and Multiracial Oath of Responsibility. We lean on this language as a pillar to create safe spaces for critical conversation.

Pay what you can
We appreciate your continued contributions, no matter the amount.