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Latinx Diaspora | Diversidad

Featuring Natalia Guzmán & Lucy Flores

This September, we’re coming together to tell stories and share experiences of the LatinX diaspora. With a focus on validating and healing intergenerational trauma, we are creating a space for the marginalized voices of the diaspora to be heard. This conversation will delve into recognizing intersectionality within the Latin, African, and Indigenous Diasporas and what it means to hold multiple identities inside your body. As TMS community members know, we are frequently othered and excluded from groups we identify as; which can lead to a mindset and belief that we are not “enough” of one thing.


This meetup works to address colorism and anti-blackness in the Latin Diaspora, address the term “Hispanic” and recognize the ways this term erases individuality, and provide insight into next steps for healing.

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September’s meetup dove deep into the many colorful layers of the LatinX diaspora. The Mixed Space 

community, alongside our speakers, shared our own unique experiences…

Natalia Guzmán

Natalia Guzmán is a music enthusiast and Afro-Latina content creator who is passionate about women, race, and LGBTQI+ issues. Natalia has created content for environmental and women-centered organizations, social campaigns, and various other social justice-related organizations and companies. She has had the opportunity to engage in public discussions about afro-heritage, the pay wage gap, young women in the music industry, and gender inequality.


Most recently, Natalia has spent time advancing her skillset into editorial content management with the Latina-owned and Latina-centered digital media brand, Luz Collective, where she plans on continuing to inspire, change, and create awareness through her work.

Lucy Flores

Lucy Flores is a former Nevada State Assemblywoman, former candidate for Congress, lawyer, and media entrepreneur.


The daughter of immigrants, Lucy was raised in a low-income community by a single father. In 2010 Lucy, along with three Latina colleagues, became the first Latinas elected to the Nevada legislature in the history of the state.

After leaving elected office, Lucy served as Vice President of Public Affairs at mitú where she successfully developed and executed social impact and political content strategies. After mitú, Lucy went on to launch her own digital media brand, Luz Collective, producing digital content and events with a focus on the enormously expanding and influential Latina community.


Lucy continues to be a political leader having served on the DNC Unity Commission, the board of Our Revolution, and currently serves on the board of the national Women’s March. She also provides political commentary on national media outlets and speaks frequently throughout the country on both political matters and digital media strategies. Lucy continues to advocate heavily for women’s rights, immigration reform, and criminal justice reform.

Did you know?

1 out of 4 Latinos in the U.S. identify as Afro-Latino

Almost all popular Latin American music genres have an Afro-based rhythm, even tango

2015 was the first time Mexico allowed people to identify
as Black or Afro-Mexican on its mid-decade survey

400 Latinx and Hispanic women-owned businesses are launched every day in the US

Distinguish the layered identities of Afro-Latina,
Afro-Boricua, Afro-Chicano and more

Unearth conversations suppressed by trauma to build
interconnectedness for the next generation

Unpack Latino as a social construct