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Mixed Babies

Featuring Sonia Smith-King

Have you seen the social media tags & accounts dedicated to “pretty mixed kids” & “beautiful mixed-race babies”? Where is the boundary between being proud to share your child with the world and exposing, objectifying & capitalizing on their beauty?

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Sonia Smith-King

SONIA SMITH-KANG is a multicultural advocate who draws from her diverse cultural heritage as an Afro-Latina. A proud military brat born on Puerto Rico, then stationed on the Hawaiian island of O’ahu, Sonia has dedicated her life to amplifying the voices of the BIPOC community.


She is founder and designer of Mixed Up Clothing, a children’s lifestyle and apparel brand that showcases cultures of the world. Her and her designs have been featured on the Today show, The Real, NPR, Medium, and Latina Magazine.

Unpack the trend of fetishizing certain
mixed babies and inherent anti-blackness

How to identify & express how the
layer of this trend make us feel

How will the next generation of mixed children evolve