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“Hispanic” Heritage

The Mixed Space comes humbly to this discussion with earnest questions and a desire to learn. This month, we are deepening our understanding of the complex dynamics of terminology, history, geography, nationality, ethnicity, and the diaspora at large. We are not here to tell or preach anything to anyone. We are here to share and open a conversation about Hispanic Heritage.


The Mixed Space members who planned this meetup do not identify as Hispanic/Latino/Latinx. We are a community organization whose mission is to celebrate intersectionality and stimulate robust conversation. To this end, we are holding space to support community members who do identify as Hispanic/Latino/Latinx. We want to hear from you. We have been wondering how to best celebrate Hispanic Heritage while understanding where these (colonial) terms of identity came from.

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Sounds familiar? Let’s talk.

Who even is Hispanic?

Hispanic is a colonizer’s term.

It’s Latino-- no, Lanitx-- wait, I heard is was Latines now?

What about the Philippines?

Difference between Hispanic and Latino
History of the term “Hispanic”
Inclusion or exclusion of peoples
Langauge vs geography
Language doesn’t understand boundaries
American “Hispanic” Terminology
Who created Hispanic Heritage Month?
When and why? Does the term “Hispanic”
serve its community?
How does
terminology impact the way folx identify?