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At The Mixed Space we empower, connect,
and guide, those with intersectional identities
at every stage of development to confidently
claim their authentic selves.
The Mixed Space Team

Lili Stiefel | Co-founder & CEO
Lili Stiefel is an artist, activist, and entrepreneur living between NYC, Frankfurt, Berlin, and Accra. She identifies as black and mixed and uses she/her/hers pronouns. Through her work, she empowers people to embrace their true creativity and individual identity so they can find their greatness, use it, and form stronger connections
with the world….

Mike Avila | Meetups Coordinator & Host
Mike was born in San Antonio Texas and made the move from Austin to Oakland in 2011 to be with his child. He taught in Oakland public schools then transitioned to running his own consulting service where he uses his talking circle expertise to support community building and conflict resolution for his clients…

Akilah Pitts | Operations Manager
Akilah Pitts is a Business Operations Consultant who has worked behind the scenes of some of your favorite 6 & 7-figure online businesses. Since coming on to the virtual scene back in 2014, Akilah has put her knowledge, expertise, and love for Operations to work behind the scenes while successfully serving in various roles including as a Virtual Assistant, Project/Launch Manager, and Operations Manager…

Brooke Storms | Administrative Assistant
Brooke Storms is an executive and personal assistant who handles the day-to-day operations of The Mixed Space (TMS) and works alongside our Founder and CEO, Lili Stiefel in executing her vision and goals for the company…

Our Core Values:

We act in service to one another with equity, community,

and compassion at the forefront.


We learn and grow with an open mind. Through courageous exploration, we navigate the journey to reveal our true selves.


Through a future-oriented lens, we stay consistent in our mission. While honoring the past, we move forward with steadfast conviction. Our stamina lies in continuous growth as individuals and collectively.