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Mental Health &
Mixed Identities

This month we are holding space to explore the intersection of our mental health and mixed identity. Being a human is hard work, and taking care of our mental health alongside everything else we deal with daily can seem impossible at times. And yet, we also know that our mind is our control center, and when our mental health is slipping, it affects every other area of our life.


Statistics show that mixed adolescents face higher risk on general health questions, school experience, smoking and drinking, and other risk variables. The most common explanation for the high-risk status is the struggle with identity formation, leading to a lack of self-esteem, social isolation, and problems with family dynamics in mixed households…

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The May Meetup was a momentous wave of emotion for our community as we gave space 

to tell stories of mixed identities and their effect on mental health…

We’re asking…

What role does mental health play in your life with your family?

How do you help yourself maintain a healthy mental state

What are signs that indicate your mental health needs help?

Traumatic events and systems working against different parts of our identities call on us to come together and share our perspective and personal experience in a safe community space. This month’s meetup has explicitly been designed for community involvement so that we can show support for one another’s most whole selves.


The wholeness of who you are is accepted here. You are not alone, your feelings are valid. Let your voice be heard, or soak in the experiences of others, knowing there are people out there who feels as you do.