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You are always home.

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We Use Our Voice to Heal

The moment we are sharing together is another invitation to deepen our thoughts and do more for our community. Processing our emotions can lead to an open dialogue with another person. Sharing our experiences continues to hold true for The Mixed Space. By acknowledging our connections and granting ourselves moments to listen, we feel the strength we have in safe spaces. Share your voice for healing, The Mixed Space is here to listen.

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How do you feel? Let’s talk.

I’m angry, confused, exhausted.

How can I help more?

I feel pulled in opposite directions.

I’m afraid to even start conversations.

How are mixed people feeling and dealing?
How is the rest of the world reacting and processing?
Listening to community with support and understanding.
A space to heal and stand together.
Who created Hispanic Heritage Month?
When and why? Does the term “Hispanic”
serve its community?
How does
terminology impact the way folx identify?