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Dating: the Good, the Bad,
the Mixed

There are many layers of the dating world on its own. But what happens when you are mixed and enter into relationships? What do you experience? How are your experiences similar or different from others?


This month, inspired by personal events, members on our team are asking each other to explore the nuances of dating. How can we make sure we are honoring our whole selves in our intimate relationships?


We are layered. Bringing all those layers and authentically showing up is difficult, so we want to have a conversation about it! We are asking people to come and share their experiences in the dating field. Whether you have completely given up, are swiping on apps, currently dating, in a long term relationship, married, separated, or scared beyond belief to even THINK about dating… come chat with our community. <3


All of your gender identities, sexualities, and relationship models are welcome here.

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We’re asking…

What goes through your mind as you prepare to go on dates or engage in romantic experiences?

What are your core values and needs from a relationship?

How do you know when it’s time to move on?

Do you believe in the ONE?






Having layered identities can cause us to question different things about ourselves and how potential love interests perceive us.

As mixed people, we are whole and never half. It’s important for our partners not to separate us or compartmentalize who we are.


We’re all having to weigh the balance of societal expectations versus our own timelines, life experiences, and desires.