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Sports: The Racial

Featuring Romeo Torain,
Lance Spencer, Sean Grevy, Chuck
Humphries, & Tre Tiption

Sports come to life in April. Many people see entertainment & dollar signs. What we want to see is what’s at play beneath the surface. Race. Class. Access. Representation. Discrimination. History. Change. How do sports reflect the intersections of who’s winning in society?

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Sounds familiar? Let’s talk.

They’re going to kneel like that? Hell no.

Black people are naturally stronger athletes.

What sports do white people have left?

shut up and dribble.

Romeo Torain
Romeo Torain found a home on the ice at a young age. Through hockey mentorship with Sean Grevy’s 43Oak Foundation, this native New Yorker quickly rose through the ranks, despite all of the obstacles he faced along the way. He has spent years of his life working hard in school and keeping up with academics and then driving hours to and from hockey games and practices to play the sport he loves so much. His dedication and commitment have led Torain to now playing in the NCAA. He is a strong leader and team player who endures the trials and tribulations of life and hockey, smiling even when his teeth are chipped from playing hard, he embraces the lifestyle with pride.
Lance Spencer
Lance Spencer wants to show the world that there’s room for everyone in ice hockey. He first got involved through Ice Hockey in Harlem, a nonprofit dedicated to giving kids both hockey and academic enrichment opportunities. Hockey gave him the brotherhood he desired, but he feels there’s a lot of work to be done in terms of minority visibility. Lance is currency playing for the New Jersey Jr. Titans, an AAA team.
Sean Grevy
Hockey saved Sean Grevy’s life. Growing up in North Philadelphia, the kids in his neighborhood did not have access to the sport of hockey let alone the resources to afford it. He is very grateful to his parents for doing everything they could to provide him the opportunity to play hockey. He was the only person amongst his friends who had access to the sport or even knew what a hockey rink looked like, even though given the chance they all would’ve loved to play too.
Chucky Humphries
Chucky Humphries is a 24 year old professional basketball player (and proud vegan) currently residing in Portugal. Hailing from the small town of Aliquippa, PA, Chucky won two conference championships during his time at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. In his free time, he mentors and trains at-risk kids, hoping to serve as the role model they need.
Tre Tipton
Tre Tipton is in his 6th year as a wide receiver for the University of Pittsburgh Panthers. After suffering a collapsed lung in 2016, he had a serious talk with his coach about his physical and mental health. Shortly after, Tre founded an on-campus mental wellness group called LOVE- Living Out Victoriously Everyday. In addition to helping other students manage the stress of college life, LOVE also gives lectures at area senior and junior high schools. Tre received his bachelor’s degree in communication, and is now in graduate school at Pitt.

Who has access to what kinds of sports?
How doi race & class determine the sports we play?

How does biological racism limit our perception
of players’ ability & intelligence?

How are athletes treated when they stand
up for social justice?