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Parade Your Pride

Parades illuminate displays of freedom, history, peace, love, respect, and so much more. They are a cathartic and expressive way to feel the power of a community who share a common cause.


This June we’re yearning to launch a great big party at The Mixed Space Meetup. We’re ready to celebrate our community, our unity, and our shared experiences, while honoring our independence and our unique differences. We invite you to parade into our meetup showing your proudest version of self, your homemade crown, your fully expressed identity.
You’re invited to scream and shout what you believe in, what you feel is worth parading for.

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The June Meetup became a virtual parade as our community gathered in our most celebrated 

garb and brought to the space all that makes us proud…

We’re asking…

How do parades create and unify us in community?

How do different communities intersect and find common ground at parades?