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How can educational institutions enact long-lasting change that will be instrumental in this fight for justice and equality?

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Was the trail of tears justified?

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Marco Polo discovered the Silk Road.

MLK made racism illegal in 1960.

Katherine Matsukawa

Katherine Matsukawa is a rising sophomore at Yale. Having mixed heritage – Mexican and Japanese ancestry – Katherine has always been open to discussion about racial intersectionality and reconciliation. She’s passionate about everyone deserving the opportunity to learn history from an anti-racist perspective.
Yale ’23

Scarlette Castejon

Skarlette Castejon is a sophomore at UCLA. Through being a proud Central American first-generation student and daughter of two immigrant parents, she has learned the importance of advocacy and challenging systems of oppression. She joined this campaign to end the erasure of marginalized groups, amplify the voices of the unheard, and tackle anti-racism in the education system at hand.
UCLA ’23

Jasmine Nguyen

Jasmine Nguyen is a sophomore at Stanford University, a proud first-generation student, and daughter of Vietnamese refugees. She cofounded this campaign to facilitate the discussion of race and identity to make change throughout school systems and create a more equitable world.
Stanford ’23

Katelin Zhou

Katelin Zhou is a sophomore at Stanford University and is the proud daughter of Chinese immigrants. She cofounded this campaign because the discussion of race in the classroom has tremendous potential to combat racism and evoke empathy.
Stanford ’23

Judy Zhang

Judy Zhang is an incoming freshman at the University of Chicago. As the proud daughter of Chinese immigrants, she believes that education is the pathway to empathy, activism, and combating ignorance. She hopes to utilize her position to challenge the status quo in high schools by educating students about race, ethnicity, culture, and more.
University of Chicago‘24

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