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Education Vacation

It is not an understatement to say our schools are in crisis. Even with conversations and activism working to reform our systems, students are not receiving the education they deserve. What would the future look like if educational quality was a baseline for all kids rather than a privilege?


Even though summer is in full swing, our July Meetup is giving classroom, Radical Healing 101 vibes. This lesson plan is for healing in education, so there will be no exams or a final grade! We will learn from one another through sharing our experiences & perspectives, so you’re bound to pass with flying colors.

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The July Meetup took the form of a “virtual healing 101” classroom, as our community from across 

the globe gathered on Zoom to discuss the education system and share school experiences.

We’re asking…

What causes an unsafe learning environment?

What do you wish had been better with your school experience?

What are ways we can heal from school traumas and improve the future for our youth?