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Mixedness in
Mythology & Fiction

Calling all mixed nerds! Let’s explore mixed characters in fiction! Where do they come from and how are they represented today? First we will look through a lens of historical and mythological influence. Then we’ll discuss how these are represented in the current media landscape.


The Halloween candy is out in stores. All Hallow’s Eve is upon us. What are you dressing up as? The nerds at this company want to have some fun. We’re talking about vampires, shapeshifters, demigods and superheroes. Get your comic-con on this month. What do all these things have in common? They all tell Mixed stories… or do they?

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Sounds familiar? Let’s talk.

Is Twilight racist?

Do shapeshifter code switch?

What’s a demi-god supposed to look like?

Why are all the hybrids played by white boys?

Why are all the hybrids played by white boys?

Show up for a robust discussion about mixedness, mixed characters,
hybrid humans, intersectionality within mythology and fantasy fiction.

Look with a critical lens into the representation of mixedness in fiction.