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You are always home.

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People, Places, & Feelings

Home. Who is there? What does it feel like?
Where does it reside? Is it always a place…?


This month, we are creating a space to discuss home and all the ways in which people make, find, and return to home. Especially when coming from mixed backgrounds, “home” can span across various cities, states, countries, and cultures. In these and similar instances, it’s not so easy to define home.


We encourage you to join us in channeling a cozy, grounded feeling together as we discuss what the concept of home means for you.

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The December 2022 Meetup concluded an incredible year of Zoom meetups filled with shared journeys 

and collective navigation of mixed identities. This meetup also marked an important phase for The Mixed Space 

(TMS), as our host Mike Avila and TMS’s CEO, Lili Stiefel, announced pausing monthly meetups beginning January 2023.

We’re asking…

Where, how, or with whom do you feel most at home?
when you have opposing political views?

What rituals do you practice to make any place feel like home?

How are people impacted when you leave
and make another place home?