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Breaking Bread
Navigating Mixed Family Politics

As we approach a season of gathering, we can’t help but wonder how our community interacts with loved ones at the dinner table. A setting that celebrates love and togetherness easily breeds disagreement over family political values and beliefs.


This meetup is about sharing our experiences in a community where we can gather tools that will support us as individuals in approaching political discourse. Handling difficult conversations in healthy ways can maintain our relationships, keep us safe, and honor our responsibility to humanity.

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As we prepare to gather with our relatives in the upcoming holiday season, the November Meetup served as a space for sharing experiences and gathering tools to support us in navigating tough conversations—often political discourse—with our relatives at the dinner table. As a group, we remembered the importance of maintaining our relationships while also living out our core values.

We’re asking…

How do you cope with family conversations
when you have opposing political views?

When is it your responsibility to challenge bigoted relatives?

Are you and your family members emotionally
equipped to navigate difficult conversations?