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Our World Around the
Table Meetup

Featuring Kiana Esteves
& Adrian Sullivan

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Sounds familiar? Let’s talk.

What is that?

Ew, why are you eating that? It stinks.

I’m not really into ethnic food like that...

That looks like something my dog would eat.

Zahira Chaudhry

Kiana Estevez is an Afro-Latina founder, who’s determined to create inclusive and empathetic solutions through food experiences.


She created Aisle Mine, a social food movement, empowering people to step outside of their comfort zones, and equalizing cultural differences with community experience.She went to Boston University receiving her Bachelor’s in hospitality administration as a first-generation student. Kiana worked at Fenway Park where she managed 40 union employees and became the first minority department head handling an account bringing in over $1 million in annual recurring revenue. Then went on the restaurant tech sales, where she facilitated workshops for Sales Associates, which focused on lead generation, co-lead a six-person committee designed to enhance the workplace experience within the larger Sales Associate team.

Adrian Sullivan

“As a diversity champion who has been cooking from a young age, I’ve learned the ability food has to bring people together and explore new cultures. I believe that food, like any art form, has the ability to open minds, spark exchanges of ideas, and build bonds. That’s what my food is all about, a little of this from part of my culture, and a little of that from another part, with pieces picked up along the way from relationships. A good recipe does more than provide a meal. It can tell you more about a person, a place, a legacy than words ever will, if you let it.”

What can a recipe tell you about cultural legacy?

How can we teach our children and each other to appreciate
the differences in cuisines across the world?

How can we instill the value of cooking from the heart?
How to keep the movement going