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September Meetup | Latinx
Diaspora — Diversidad

September’s meetup dove deep into the many colorful layers of the Latinx diasporaThe Mixed Space community, alongside our speakers, shared our own unique experiences and perspectives on the theme.


Our host for the evening, Ariel Bastida, introduced an innovative way to kick off our monthly meetups by sharing previews ahead of the actual meetup start time. This included a custom TMS Zoom tutorial, narrated by TMS’s CEO, Lili Stiefel; followed by an introductory preview in which Ariel Bastida summarizes The Mixed Space and the way meetups function.


Ariel had an amazing opening statement where she listed some of the many identifiers that are considered part of the Latinx Diaspora. She also made it clear that the speakers and herself were speaking from personal perspectives and not speaking for the entire Diaspora. The evening’s moment of silence honored all of the people in the Latinx diaspora who have had parts of their identities erased, those who are fighting to be seen, and our ancestors that have come before us. The momentum picked up as our speakers, Lucy Flores and Natalia Guzmán, started to share their backgrounds and ties to the meetup theme.


Lucy Flores is an American lawyer, former politician, and founder of Luz Collective, a Los Angeles-based digital media company. Lucy embodies her story as a Latina Mexican-American by graciously showcasing how we handle pushback within the Latinx community. Lucy’s knowledge and experience can vividly be seen to create an immense trust and relatability to her audience throughout the meeting.


Natalia Guzmán is a content creator who works with organizations with environmental and women issues, and works with the Luz Collective. Natalia proactively combats the Latinx erasure in communities by sharing her truth with others and uplifting the community. Her powerful stories reminded Lucy of a phrase that goes “Your existence is resistance.”


Both Lucy and Natalia expressed their focus on how identity in the Latinx community can depend on the story and how individual people identify themselves. We are reminded of the vast amounts of diversity within the Latinx community all over the world.


The community in this month’s meeting was especially eager to continue to share related stories and endeavors. Many stayed to utilize the safe space, made by the host and speakers, as they do with every meeting.


September Meetup’s Words of Encouragement, Motivation, and Feedback from Our Community Whiteboard:

Generations of fear.


Trauma is generational but so is healing! Here’s to owning and accepting it all.

Words can be hurtful but also healing.

Resonated with so MUCH! And loved it.

Journeying to your homeland/venturing to see other places.

The Internet is a valuable tool to create community.

Why is Afro-Latina a term but not Euro-Latina?

Chat recap:

The September Meetup embodies the colorful stories and truths to be told by our very own Latinx community. Resources related to the Meetup’s discussion are below:


“A land acknowledgement is a critical step towards working with native communities to secure meaningful partnership and inclusion in the stewardship and protection of their cultural resources and homelands. As many of us are settlers, immigrants, or descendants of those forcefully brought to this continent, our institutions were founded upon exclusions and erasures of the Indigenous peoples whose land we are located. We honor and are grateful for the land we occupy and recognize the ongoing damage of settler colonialism. Land acknowledgment demonstrates a commitment to beginning the process of working to dismantle the ongoing legacies of colonialism and the pursuit of truth and healing.”


This statement was generously shared with the Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center by the California Indian Museum and Cultural Center in Santa Rosa, California.
CIMCC – Weaving Native Culture Into The Future


Shared by the community: Latinx A Brief Guidebook By Arlene B. Gamio Cuervo for the Princeton LGBT Center


Lucy Flores, founder of Luz Collective, a Los Angeles-based digital media company


Shared by our community: Borderlands/La Frontera: The New Mestiza
Borderlands/La Frontera: The New Mestiza – Wikipedia


Shared by our community: Racial Identity Development – Beverly Daniel Tatum

Shared by our community: ‘Racial Imposter Syndrome’: Here Are Your Stories
Many Multiracial Or Mixed-Race People Say They Struggle With Identity : Code Switch : NPR


Shared by our community: Renata Flores “The Way You Make Me Feel” Michael Jackson – Versión en Quechua Renata Flores
“The way you make me feel” Michael Jackson – Versión en Quechua – YouTube


Shared by our community: A Statue of Christopher Columbus in Mexico City Will Be Replaced by One of an Indigenous Woman