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You are always home.

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A place where identity
is actualized.

This is a BRAVE space for mixed individuals to be seen, heard, and held. Our purpose is to empower, connect, and guide intersectional identities. Join The Mixed Space in conversation, building community, and bringing love into online spaces.

2022 Recap Video!
2022 Recap Video! ✨ 🎉 ❤️

This last year has been filled with powerful stories, breaking traumas, an overwhelming sense of LOVE and HOME from our community.
Relive our bountiful year of meetups below!

What is The Mixed Space?

TMS is a multiracial networking platform celebrating intersectional identities

and navigating conversations on identity, culture, and civic engagement.

We create safe spaces for people to listen and learn with each other; to

witness and validate the totality of an individual’s experience of the world…

Monthly Meetups:
Check out our archive!
Every month, our heart-centered space offers a place to unpack and/or share the stories that bring to life what makes us different.

The Mixed Space’s monthly meetups are a portal into the future, facilitating a transformative experience for mixed, multicultural, multiethnic, multi-lingual and multi-continental individuals needing more community.


This is a space for you. Especially if you’re interested in unlearning the so called “truths” of the dominant culture and growing into the truth of YOU. Especially if your soul is a traveler and wants to explore more about other people in this world and their experiences. Especially if you want to make a difference and help those in need…

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Established 2018 NY, NY.

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“This space is so needed.”
“You choose your identity, no one else does.”
“In this middle place
we’re like soldiers
“In this middle place, we’re like soldiers
of connecting people.”