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The Mixed Space Travels a New Path

Journey and Discovery

In 2023, The Mixed Space was ushered into a phase of self-discovery. Beyond knowing what the Mixed Space purpose could be, it was important to pause, take everything in, and learn from our experiences. The Mixed Space (TMS) monthly meetups went fully virtual once the COVID-19 pandemic shifted the globe. During this time, so many amazing stories were shared. Each month we built our community, providing more than just a virtual space for connection; people actually began to heal. After almost three years of virtual meetups, life-changing stories were shared. New friends from across the globe were made and experts offered their knowledge to our community.

TMS listened to our community’s feedback and heard their needs as opportunities to learn and grow to improve The Mixed Space experience. CEO Lili Stiefel looks forward to one day offering individual and group consulting and coaching. She also plans for her team to bring on “tons of new tools, skills, and strategies.” As the TMS crew began working to refresh our brand so we can return with a fresh focus and a realigned mission to:

Empower, connect, & guide those with intersectional identities at every stage of development to confidently claim their authentic selves.

Finding Hope in New Challenges

For the Mixed Space, planting and watering the company’s seeds has been a continuous labor of love. Meetup Host, Mike Avila says, “We are a team of thinkers and doers. The challenges will be in finding balance to make the best of the paths we set for The Mixed Space.” According to Stiefel, TMS plans “to build a resource in our community as folks become more themselves.” Her goal with the team is to help the next generation claim their mixed identities with confidence.

When considering the hopes for TMS’s future, Avila wants to create a platform where TMS can offer unique and useful content for people to apply to their daily life. Stiefel ensures this when saying, “We need to be together and we need to hear each other’s stories. This work can be painful and requires consistency and accountability.”

Where This Journey Guides Us

The goals of TMS are guided by the voices of our community as our team continues to produce new ways to meet, heal, and evolve. We thank our audience for both showing up and living authentically in the world.

Our vision is to be a space where identity is actualized and we plan on getting there through unity, curiosity, and perseverance. Stiefel reminds us all that “there are so many ways to be mixed.” For everyone who is on this journey, TMS plans to be present every step of the way. No matter where anyone is, geographically or along the path of self-discovery, The Mixed Space welcomes everyone. We’re excited for our community to experience the new version of The Mixed Space. Join Us!