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Brooke Storms
Brooke Storms

Administrative Assistant

Brooke Storms is an executive and personal assistant who handles the day-to-day operations of The Mixed Space (TMS) and works alongside our Founder and CEO, Lili Stiefel in executing her vision and goals for the company. Brooke started working with Lili and The Mixed Space in early 2020 and is really grateful to provide meaningful assistance for TMS to continue growing and providing space for the community to prosper.


Brooke uses she/her pronouns, her sun sign is cancer, and she’s an ENFP, an extrovert, and an empath. Her family is from Illinois, Iowa, Florida, and Pennsylvania, where she was born and raised, and her ancestors immigrated from Germany. She attended Temple University where she studied Communications: Policy, Regulation, and Advocacy and minored in Theatre. She travels between New York and Philadelphia, where she resides.

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